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Beitrag von satan19990 am Mi 26 Nov 2014, 08:22

Mod change logo in game to real company logo.
bcp - GLS
euroacres - Sano & de heus
eurogoodies - DHL
fcp - Leroy Merlin
itcc- DPD
kaarfor - Carrefour
lkwlog - UPS
nbfc - Repsol
posped - FedEx
sanbuilders - JCB
sellplan - Maersk
stokes - DB Schenker
tradeaux - TNT
trameri - Dachser
transinet - Raben & Fresh Logistics
tree_et -  John Deere
wgcc - Chevron


Changes in v2.1
- Gas station in Statoil, Shell, BP, Lukoil, Agip, Total livery
- Added Truck Stop sign to rest place
- Added billboard in service building
- Added billboard in truck dealer building
- Added player logo (edit profile)
- Refreshed look of UPS, TNT, DB Schenker warehouse
- Changed BASF company (WGCC) to Chevron
Changes in v2.0
- Adapted mod for 1.11 patch
- Added DHL and FedEx logo on buildings.

Tested and working on 1.13.X

Author: satan19990

Allow copy on another forum but keep orginal download link (with adf.ly) and author! Do not reupload!


[ETS2]Real Company v2.1 15361754208_f8ed850dc5_zznak by satan19990, on Flickr
[ETS2]Real Company v2.1 15362242300_6fdaf0d789_zstacje by satan19990, on Flickr
[ETS2]Real Company v2.1 15361753508_bb7c6d2f5b_z

[ETS2]Real Company v2.1 14857572175_ba2e34d53f_z
[ETS2]Real Company v2.1 14855125704_852cd7bab9_z
[ETS2]Real Company v2.1 14670908460_d5c50d740b_z
[ETS2]Real Company v2.1 14670908070_00e5782830_z

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